The striking Memorial Stained Glass Window was presented to the church by Mrs. William Gassler, Jr., in memory of her father, Elder William Campbell in 1922. The illuminated window was designed by Mr. Harry M. Bell, of Bell Vaughn Co., Buffalo, New York.

The scripture quotation which appears at the bottom of the window is as follows: "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delighteth in his way."
Once facing the Sanctuary, the Memorial Window can now be viewed from the Fellowship Hall.
The artist's conception, as described in his own words, reveals in the foreground, "An Angel with hand extended to lead a good man past some barrier, and with the strong pausing to help a weaker brother who has fallen. The path, which we must all tread, is somewhat dark, and the going is uphill and not too smooth, but we look forward to a different land, a land of delight. And so we have attempted to show a pathway thru a rough and shadowy land, a pathway not well defined, from which it is easy to stray and which is full of stumbling blocks, but a pathway, nevertheless leading onward and upward to a distant land of sunshine."